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About me

2001 -present: Official personal stock & money  market  investment advisor and analyst

2007-2013: P.A. to the president and chairman of a group of oil palm and highway construction firms, & COO of a group of foreign offshore tin mining companies

1997-present: Officially authorized and sworn translator

1978-present: foreign investment consultant, serial investor, Indonesian language instructor to expatriates, English language instructor and translator


In the Indonesian capital markets, I offer investment advisory services and second opinions, specifically on stock picking, to national and foreign high net-worth individuals and institutions. I specifically  research  under-valued firms with strong fundamentals.

General criteria of firms eligible for my securities research:
1. Relatively good business records of the founders and management
2. Publicly listed for at least two years
3. A maximum leading P/E ratio of 12
4. A minimum free flotation rate of 25%
5. An adequate degree of public disclosure and transparency

Firms are under-valued mostly for a variety of reasons, including lack of transparency, growth, profitability, liquidity, management integrity, perceived management incapability, apparent financial and operational inefficiencies in comparison with their peers.

I have equipped myself with advanced stock valuation skills to discover under-valued firms with strong fundamentals and specifically those with “hidden assets.”

Professional Certification and Licensing

A. Investment:

- Investment Advisor, Indonesian Capital Market and Financial Institution Supervisory   Agency (Ind. BAPEPAM-LK), 2003
- Fund Manager, BAPEPAM-LK, 2002
- Broker-Dealer, Capital Market Professional Standards Committee, 2001

B. English Language & Translation

- ITP TOEFL first-time registrant score of 607, 2011
- Officially Authorized and Sworn Translator, Governor of Jakarta, 1997
- Certified Translator, University of Indonesia, 1996

"Dalam profesi penerjemahan, mutu seharusnya selalu dijadikan prioritas."

"In the translation profession, quality should always come first."


"Terjemahan yang bermutu merupakan beda yang tidak ternilai"

 "Quality translation makes a priceless difference"



- M.Sc. Finance, University of Leicester, England

- University of Indonesia, Indonesia

Favorite business quotation:

“If you are ready to give up everything else—to study the whole history and background of the market and all the principal companies whose stocks are on the board as carefully as a medical student studies anatomy—if you can do all that and, in addition, you have the cool nerves of a great gambler, the sixth sense of a kind of clairvoyant and the courage of a lion, you have a ghost of a chance.” Bernard M. Baruch, one of America’s greatest financiers and speculators


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