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Special Advisory:

     A. Business Startup & Expansion

     B. Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) in the  

         Oil Plantation & Offshore Tin Mining Areas

     C. Business Link & Match


Business startup, expansion and M&A involve lots of high risks of wrong calculations, projections, expectations and failures. With me on your side, you will get what you pay for. I adopt the principle of "Good planning is half the victory" as we have seen  most business startup and expansion fail or experience cost or budget overruns. The same principle  applies to M&A activities. Hence, I will ensure that you will get what you pay for when I am either beside or behind you.


I have built up the executive experience in how to help make your business startup, expansion & M&A a success, or at leat prevent failures which may otherwise happen.


Every business, big and small, will have much bigger room for growth if it is linked to and matched with the right partners, relations, vendors and agents. I have the network of prospective partners, relations, vendors and agents for most business owners and executives alike in virtually every sector in and outside the country.


For more info, please feel free to talk to email your inquiries to me at indrasonny@tjansietek.comn






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Special Advisory




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