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A conversation with Suyatno

A conversation with Suyatno, a forward-looking student of Nalanda School of Buddhist Teachers Training, Jakarta.


Set up about 40 years ago, the college is the oldest Buddhist religious teachers training institution in the country. \

      A smart-looking boy of 24 from Kebumen, Central Java, Suyatno has three sisters. He graduated from Public Senior High School I at Gombong, Central Java.

      Excerpts from a conversation we held with him on March 2, 2019 in the campus building and Lumbini garden, Pulo Gebang Permai Housing Estate, East Jakarta:

•        Q: Why are you studying at Nalanda now?

•        A: Because about 20 years ago I had the ideals of becoming a Buddhist religious teacher.

•        Q. What are your personal vision and missions?

•        A: I want to be successful in both my religious and worldly life.

•        Q. What’s the biggest challenge to your vision and missions?

      A: I think It’s all about how to control my mind.


•        Q. Where do you see yourself in ten years from today?

•        A: I think  I will be preaching the Buddha's teachings.

•        Q: What do you think you will you do after college?

•        A: I hope I will continue my study at Oxford University for my Master's and Ph.D degrees.

•        Q: What do you think about Nalanda School of Buddhist Teachers Training?

•        A: I think today it is good. It will be the best Buddhist teachers training college in the country in the next five years or so.

•        Q. Why?

•         A: Because it will keep improving itself by introducing more innovative teaching methods. For example, online Buddhist religious training, so that many more people can study under the School. 

Q    Q: Any recommendation to the School?       

M    A: Yes, just one: move the college  into a place somewhere in the city center. For example, West Jakarta where lots of Buddhists live now.

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